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The advanced technology automatically identifies and amalgamates the overlapping photos to deliver realistic panoramas. Thus, there is no need for you to be a professional.

Automated Just for You.

Who is a beginner and know nothing about photo stitching!

Our photo stitching software is capable of identifying all the overlapping parts across a series of photos with different resolutions, shooting angles, and with different perspectives. As a user, you only have to provide these series of photos. There is no need for you have camera or photo editing knowledge.

About the Software Maker!

Passion for photography, crazy for digital photos, and always excited to have picture-perfect panoramas; these qualities have made me the maker of this user-friendly, pocket-friendly, and tech-friendly software!

Make a Panorama in Just a Click!

Picture-perfect, easy, fast, and powerful

Our software is incredibly fast due to the OpenCL GPU spurt rendering a 1 Gigapixel panorama in 24 seconds using the ordinary hardware. Just submit your photos to the software and leave the rest on it! It can stitch several rows of images regardless of lenses in use. You can expect full control over the outcome to get ideal panoramas even of complex scenes, an ability that not all photo stitching tools have.

A Major Prerequisite for a Flexible Stitching Outcome

You need to ensure that each photo in the series has approximately up to 40% overlapping content with all adjacent photos. At times, a standard-size photo is not useful for capturing the splendor of a specific scenery, site, or backdrop. In most cases, a horizontal panorama is an ideal option for better reflecting the magnificence of a horizontally vast scene. Similarly, a vertical panorama is ideal for capturing the beauty of tall structures.

Out tool takes care of this logic and creates panoramic images from a set of overlapping photos, which you could not take due to any reason but could only take some dispersed scenes with different perspectives, angles and zoom levels.

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Support for Different Panoramic Projections

Gone are those days when only one type of panorama was in trend. Today, we can enjoy spherical (360° x 180°), High Dynamic Range (HDR), Gigapixel, rectilinear, orthographic, planar, and stereographic panoramic projections. Spherical is where you can look around, up, and down by dragging in the scene. Gigapixel panoramas give you sharp looks even if the resultant width is long. With extraordinary tone mapping and exposure fusion procedures inside the tool, you can easily get HDR panoramas. Rectilinear is usually for architectural vistas with straight lines, while stereographic is for covering a whole scene on the foundation of our planet.

Well, all these projections are easily and quickly possible with our advanced photo stitching tool.

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How to Change Your Hardcore Ways of Smoking Cigarette with Vaping

With the risk that smoking cigarette and tobacco can bring to the health, many smokers are trying their best to quit from smoking, but it’s not that easy. However, several studies have concluded that switching to vaping could help a chain smoker become smoke-free.

There’s no overnight method that could make a person with a smoking addiction to just quit. However, it is possible to quit smoking by starting to lessen the nicotine levels that you inhale. How is it done? Simple. You need to switch to vaping.

Pure Vape shared insightful ways to change your hardcore ways of smoking cigarette to a much lighter way of vaping or until such time you decided to stop because you no longer want to smoke.

•    Adjusting the nicotine levels that you inhale

When you smoke cigarette or tobacco, you can’t adjust the level of nicotine you inhale. Yet, when you go vaping, you have the freedom to choose the amount of nicotine you inhale as E-Juices were made with varying nicotine levels. You can start with a high level of nicotine in E-Juice which is still less when compared to the nicotine level that cigarette and tobacco have.

Once you get comfortable with smoking using an e-cigarette, you should consider lowering the level of the nicotine in the E-Juice you are using. The difference can be noticed when you drop down the level of nicotine in your e-cigarette, but that’s alright. Just think of it that you just change the brand of cigarette but you’re still smoking.

•    Change your smoking habits with vaping

Smoking cigarette can be addicting especially if you have more to smoke. You tend to buy packs of cigarette just to alleviate the desire of smoking. In vaping, you can change your habits of smoking by taking different E-Juice strengths and deciding until when are you going to use it. Some used a medium e-juice for several months before switching to the lower strength of e-juice and use it for another month or so.

Switching to e-cigarette could reduce your risk compared to smoking cigarettes and tobacco because you can freely adjust what you inhale. It’s up to you if you will go all the way from zero strength to no smoking at all since what is being conditioned here is how your body copes with smoking and the levels of nicotine you inhale. But if you want to continue smoking occasionally without worrying about the full risk, you may continue vaping using low strength E-Juice.

If by any chance you return to smoking cigarette, all you need is to repeat the process and take it slow. The faster you want to quit or lessen your smoking only results in a failed attempt. Take it slow and enjoy the E-Juice you are using until you get comfortable and ready to drop another level.

If you are looking for a store that offers E-Juice with varying strengths and levels in delicious flavors, you can check out the vape pens and best vape juice at eliquid depot.