No skills required! No need for a costly scanner! Automatic merges at your fingertips! This is how our photo-friendly and user-friendly stitching tool works!

Gone are those days when you had to go through the mess of manually passing and aligning the photos. Now, this photo stitching tool can do the alignment perfectly for you to stitch images easily and render a stunning and realistic panoramic photograph. All you need to do is snap a few overlapping images or photos and tap the Stitch utility clearly visible on the intuitive interface. Capable of delivering full-view panoramas and in different projections without any manual intervention, the tool’ output can be 1D (vertical or horizontal) or 2D (horizontal and vertical).

There are no hideous or empty areas after merging. The tool is capable of adding the missing pixels around the panoramic edges to ensure smooth rims for incomplete or fractional images. You can even scan photos that are larger than your scanner, which otherwise would require a costly, large format scanner.

There are convincing reasons to choose our digital stitching tool!

Our tool has multiple capabilities. It can work with any array of overlapping photos, handle microscopic input (photos), crop automatically, implement exposure blending automatically, and extend support to 64-bit operating systems. It features the state-of-the-art stitching algorithms as well as engine for flexible and high-quality output.